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Graduated Adults Must Act Now!

The Ministry of Education Announcement:

Beginning May 1, 2015, The Ministry of Education will no longer provide funding to school districts for tuition-free upgrading courses for adults who already hold a high school diploma."

Graduated Adults must complete 5% of the course prior to May 1st, 2015 to receive tuition-free status. Reminder that these students must meet Canadian Status and BC Residence eligibility requirements to receive tuition-free courses.

List of Eligible courses at VLN:

  • Biology 11 & 12
  • Communications 11 & 12
  • English 11 & 12
  • Math 11 & 12
  • Physics 11 & 12
  • Chemistry 11 & 12

Report Cards

Report cards for all Grade 10, 11 and 12 students only can be picked up from the VLN office or you can request it via email.

Please email reports@vlns.ca with your full legal name and PEN #.

New Courses

New Courses this year: AP Calculus, AP Statistics, Gender and Equality Studies 12, and Japanese 11 and 12.

See Courses for details.

Complete this survey!

Please complete this survey and tell us about your experience at our School Survey.

Did your grade 10-12 VLN course final grade make it onto your Ministry Transcript?

After you complete a grade 10-12 VLN course you can check to see if your final grade was successfully uploaded to your Ministry Transcript. Sign into EdAccess to take a look at your Unofficial Transcript. You'll need your PEN number. Please note the Ministry of Education has specific upload dates so it will not appear immediately.

If it does not appear please contact your course teacher or your VLN counsellor.