Important Info

UBC Deadline of February 1st
Any student who has completed all of their work and written the final exam/provincial exam (if required) WILL meet the UBC deadline. The deadline is for students work, not for teachers to have work marked, nor for a mark to be entered into the ministry website. Once teachers have marked all work a final grade will be issued. Your home school will then upload these marks to the ministry and your transcript in their next upload period (see below).
When will I see my mark on my transcript
Students fall into three categories depending where their home school is.
1.    Full-time VLN student – Your mark will be updated by VLN directly in our next ministry approved upload time through a program called TRAX. This is currently scheduled to happen around the middle of February for our school.
2.    Public Schools in districts other than Delta, New Westminster, or VSB Continuing Ed – Your mark will be put into the computer system (MyEd) by VLN. The mark will then be uploaded by your home school, via TRAX. Semester schools will be uploading mid-February, linear schools will be uploading in March. PLEASE KNOW that both dates will still be fine for UBC.
3.    Independent schools, as well as Delta, and New Westminster – Marks will be finalized, a report card will be generated for the student, and the student then takes the report card to their home school counsellor or records clerk to be entered. The home school is legally obligated to submit marks from other schools for any of their students. The timeline of their upload via TRAX to the ministry will be in accordance with their own timelines. Students can ask your home school when they are planning to do the next upload.
Interim report cards
1.    Anyone applying with a self-reporting deadline from Ontario or Quebec should email their counsellor (
2.    Anyone who wants an interim mark for other universities must have completed 50% of the course and have written one major test.