The Vancouver Learning Network (VLN) is expanding into 5 secondary schools: Lord Byng, Point Grey, Templeton, University Hill, and Windermere. Each secondary school will provide greater opportunity for students to connect with resources closer to their home school and also gain easier access to VLN teachers. VLN Core, the office centre, will remain at its current location, John Oliver Secondary, for another year. Deferring the move will allow students to transition to a new facility in a timely manner. Students will have access to 2 counsellors and 5 teachers and also be able to use the testing centre and student lab at VLN Core. Please note that previous correspondence indicated that VLN Core would be moving to Tupper Secondary in September, this move will not occur. VLN Core will remain at John Oliver for at least one more year.

VLN Elementary will also remain at its current location for another year until a new location is determined.

The program will undergo some changes to the administration team. Jim Rutley, current vice principal, will be the new VLN principal in July. A new VLN vice principal will be appointed shortly. Pedro da Silva, the current principal, will be leaving VLN to take on the role of principal at John Oliver Secondary School.

We are encouraged that these changes will support students at both VLN Core and the neighbourhood schools. We look forward to the expansion of the program and connecting with students throughout the city.

If you have any further questions, then please contact VLN at 604-713-5520.

Pedro da Silva

VLN Principal