Our School

The Vancouver Learning Network is a quality, dynamic and engaging learning environment that fosters the development of attitudes, skills, and knowledge necessary for our students to become socially responsible members of our modern society.

VLN School Growth Plan


Welcome to the website of the Vancouver Learning Network (VLN). You will find plenty of information here about our school program and the courses we offer. We hope you will take some time to browse.

VLN opened in 1990 as the Greater Vancouver Regional Correspondence School, a name which reflects the origin of what is now known in British Columbia as "Distributed Learning". While will still have a core of self-paced correspondence courses available to students, most of our course offerings and enrollments at VLN today are online. We offer about 90 courses in total, all of which are accredited courses for a British Columbia Dogwood.

All courses at VLN are tuition-free to school age students who are Canadian citizens and residents of British Columbia. Each student works at a pace reflected in a personalized Student Learning Plan and/or Course Plan, both of which are established in consultation with us, and according to individual timelines and goals.

Many of our students attend school full time in schools. While the majority of our students come from the Greater Vancouver region, our course are available to students from other school districts as well. VLN is ideal for students who want to do one or two courses online as part of a graduation plan, or for students who find that the face-to-face environment is no longer an option. We provide the flexibility that many students need.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you get started. We also greatly appreciate hearing about your experiences with our school. If you have suggestions or feedback for us, please contact us.