Book an Exam

Please read the following information below to schedule a date and time to write your VLN Midterm, Final Exam or Module Test. All exams must be written at the Vancouver Learning Network.

Exams are to be scheduled only when students have completed and submitted the necessary assignments.  Courses are organized to prepare students for exams.

You must book at least 3 school days in advance.  VLN does not ask or permit students to take tests during a period in which a student is expected to be in class at another school.

To book your exam online go to AppointmentQuest and don't forget your username or password so you can review your testing information, cancel and/or register for future exams.   If you are having difficulties accessing AppointmentQuest, please contact Harsher Mann at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Be sure to enter your correct email address to receive confirmation of your test appointment. A confirmation email will be sent to you when you have signed up, followed by a reminder email on the day before your exam. 

Special Needs Support
Please do not use this online exam booking form if you require special services or support to write an exam.

Instead, please email Jim Rutley at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at least 2 weeks in advance of the proposed test date if you have an IEP that grants the following test adaptations:

  1. extra time beyond the allotted test time
  2. a private setting to write your exam
  3. a computer for written responses
  4. a reader/scribe for written responses
Please note that you will be required to provide a copy of your IEP to Mr. Rutley before you write your exam.
Exam Cancellations Online

Cancellations must be received at least 48 hours in advance excluding weekends. A penalty of $50 may be given if your request is not received in time or if you do not show up to write. An email confirmation will be sent upon cancellation.

To cancel an exam booked online, you MUST login to the VLN AppointmentQuest and cancel it yourself.  DO NOT email cancellation requests to your teacher, counsellor, etc.  It is your responsibility.

Exam Site Protocol

Arrive on time, if not a little early, and be prepared.

You will need the following:

  1. Photo ID is required or you will not be permitted to write. Acceptable student ID includes:
    • GoCard
    • BC Identification Card
    • Driver's License
    • Passport
    • Government Issued Photo ID
  2. Students must provide their own pens, pencils and appropriate calculators. Scrap paper will be provided at the exam site.
  3. No pagers or cell phones are permitted.
Test Site and Schedule

The VLN test site is located at the southeast corner of John Oliver Secondary School. All exams booked by Appointment Quest are held in Room 117 or the JO cafeteria. Signs will direct you to the appropriate location on the day of your exam. The length of each exam varies so check with your course teacher for precise details prior to writing.

School Year (September - June)
Test Days Monday to Friday
Test Times Mon: 4:30pm
Tues to Thurs 1:30pm and 4:30pm Fri 10:00am and 1:00pm
Summer (July - August)
Test Days Monday to Friday
Test Times 9:00am and 12:00pm

NOTE:  In July and August your Spring/Summer online courses will have specific exam dates and times scheduled outside of Appointment Quest.  Please contact your course teacher for these dates.

Exam Rewrites

Students must contact their course teacher directly about exam re-writes. 

Provincial Exams

Provincial exams MUST be written at your homeschool if you are not a full time student with us.  To do this, speak with your counselor at your homeschool to get registered once you have completed 80% of your course or once you have completed the course and received a final mark from us. 

However if your homeschool does not offer the provincial exam you need to write contact your VLN course teacher so that they can register you to take it at the VLN instead.

Speak to your course teacher in regards to deadlines and for more specific registration information.