Course: Art History 11


Print or Online



Visual Arts 10 or Art History 10


This course is for any student who truly loves understanding, analyzing, and interpreting Art. We will be studying Art from the Prehistoric Era, all the way through to the Post Modernism Movement. We will also studying various different cultures and time periods of Art which will help build your understanding of Art through the ages. Terminology, reading, art creation, online gallery exhibits, and cave explorations will all be done online. You will have the chance to discuss your thoughts about Art with your classmates through online Discussions. There is a Quiz and Final Exam but both are to be completed online. If you love Art History, than this is the course for you! 

Course Topics/Modules

Unit One: Introduction to the Arts

Until Two: The Elements and Principles of Art

Until Three: Critiquing Art

Unit Four: Prehistoric Art

Unit Five: Ancient Art

Unit Six: Ancient Roman, Early Christian, and Medieval Art

Unit Seven: The Renaissance

Unit Eight: Art of the Americas

Unit Nine: African & Oceanic Art

Unit Ten: From the Baroque to the Romantics

Unit Eleven: Realism-Post Modernism


StartUp: 5%

Discussions: 6%

Online Quiz: 10%

15 Assignments: 54%

Final Exam Online: 25%


All course readings, gallery exhibits, and videos, are all found within the course.



Teacher Support

Students have access to the course teacher through email, phone and in-person.  Teachers work Monday through Friday.



Prescribed Learning Outcomes

Visual Arts 11 and 12


Once you are in the active course you will be able to see who your teacher is by going to the Classlist tab and then clicking on Teacher.

Completion Date

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