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Chemistry 11

Chemistry 11


Chemistry 12 builds upon the measurement and quantitative methods covered in Chemistry 11. Units in Chemistry 12 include reaction kinetics, equilibrium, solubility equilibrium, acid, bases and salts, and electrochemistry. Students enrolling in Chemistry 12 need to have completed Chemistry 11. Mandatory course material includes the Hebden 12 workbook. If you do not have one already, you may borrow one from us. Simulations and supplementary readings are provided throughout the course.

Chemistry 12 is a lab-oriented course that explores the nature of chemical reactions. Students will investigate how this can be applied to produce useful chemical products or generate energy such as heat or electricity. Concepts of chemical reactions such as collision theory, solubility, catalysts and chemical equilibrium are included. Primary areas of investigation relate to Acid/Base reactions, electrochemistry (chemical reactions that use or produce electricity) and common chemical processes such as oxidation.  Pre-recorded data are used for the labs.

Course Topics/Modules

Module 1: Reaction kinetics


Module 2: Equilibrium


Module 3: Solubility equilibrium


Module 4: Acids, bases, and salts


Module 5: Electrochemistry

Module 1: Reaction Kinetics and Equilibrium


Module 2: Solubility Equilibrium


Module 3: Acid, Bases and Salts


Module 4: Electrochemistry


Exams (midterm/final exam): 60%

Assignments/quizzes: 40%

4 Module Exams (17.5% Each): 60%

Assignments/quizzes: 40%


Required Textbook: Hebden 12 workbook

Varies supplementary readings will be provided within the course.

Required Textbook: Heath Chemistry


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Teacher Support

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Prescribed Learning Outcomes

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