Course: Civics 11

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Social Studies 10


Civic Studies 11 includes drawing on past historical events and how these events relate to, have affected, and continue to affect issues in the present day and in the future. Students will learn to become mindful of connections to the civic world and responsibilities as members of various local and global communities; informed decision makers on matters of public concern; active citizens of Canada and the world; responsible agents of change; participants in socially relevant projects and real-life learning for the purpose of developing civic mindedness.


Course Topics/Modules

Unit 1 – 8 Assignments

Civic Action

Political Philosophy

Differing Political Systems, Decision Making in Canada Today

The Quest for an Inclusive Canada, Parliament

A Proud Canadian

Rights and Responsibilities.


Unit 2 – 8 Assignments

Your proposal for Civic Action

Voting in Canada

The Justice System

Human Rights

Canada’s Social Safety Net

International Relations

Diversity and Multiculturalism

Your Personal Civic Action Presentation


The Civics 11 Online course is graded as follows:
   StartUp Assignment - 5%
   Assignments (16) - 46%
   Online Discussions (3) – 3%
   Online Quizzes (2) – 6%
   Midterm Exam – 20%
          (this is a mandatory exam that must be written at VLN)
   Final Exam – 20%
          (this is a mandatory exam that must be written at VLN)
The course requirements listed above will comprise your VLN mark.  
This is worth 80% of your final mark for the course. 

There is a Provincial Exam that is worth 20% of your final mark.


There are no resources needed for this course.  Everything is online (in the “Content” section of the course) or can be researched on the Internet.



Teacher Support

Students have access to the course teacher through email, phone and in-person.




Prescribed Learning Outcomes

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Completion Date

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