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Science 10


Earth Science 11 is an introduction to the diverse aspects of earth and space science. Since field and laboratory work are essential components of an earth science course, the course puts an emphasis on subject related investigations using resources available on the Internet. Earth Science 11 is an applied science course that introduces geology and other earth sciences - ecology, oceanography and atmospheric science.


Course Topics/Modules

Module 1 Minerals and Rocks                  

Module 2 Earth’s External Processes        

Module 3 Earth’s Internal Processes          

Module 4 Earthquakes                            

Module 5 The Global Ocean

Module 6 The Atmosphere

Module 7 Geologic Time Scale

Module 8 Astronomy



StartUp Assignment (5%)

8 Module Investigations (32%)

6 Online Quizzes (24%)


Mid-term Exam (19%)*

Final Exam (20%)*

* Midterm and Final Exam must be written at the VLN.



Online readings




Teacher Support

Students have access to the course teacher through email, phone and in-person. 




Prescribed Learning Outcomes

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