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French 9



In Core French 10 students engage in spontaneous interactions using memorized vocabulary and structures and develop descriptive skills that include linking and sequencing of narrative. Students are able to work with an increasing variety of French print materials, media, and the Internet to locate information to complete various tasks. After experiencing a range of French creative works, students are able to provide more detailed oral, visual, and written responses as their facility with French increases. Students study the influence of the French language and compare Francophone customs and cultural clues.



Course Topics/Modules

Module 1 – “Le Look”

Descriptions and Directions


Module 2 – Découvertes et Ma Vie

Personal description and Life cont…


Module 3 – Aventures et Passe-temps

Hobbies and Travel


Module 4 – Monde du travail et la Presse Écrite

Work life and Media




StartUp Assignment – 5%

16 Send-In Assignments – 55%

4 Module Tests – 40%




Entre amis 3, Livre (Gage Educational Publishing Company)

Entre amis 3, Cahier

Entre amis 3, Activités d’apprentissage CD

Partner Activities, Video Script

Pour Tout Dire Module 1 and Module2







Teacher Support

Students have access to the course teacher through email, phone and in-person. 




Prescribed Learning Outcomes

Core French Grades 5 to 12



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Completion Date

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