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French 10


In Core French 11, students are expected to be able to exchange information, express opinions, and emotional reactions in a variety of real-life situations. Students continue to locate information from a variety of sources and to apply and convey information for particular audiences and purposes. Studentís oral and written skills enable them to respond to French creative works in increasingly sophisticated ways, by means of oral interactions, journal entries, resumes, and short written texts. An understanding of Francophone contributions to society and use of cultural cues in specific situations contribute to the students ability to understand cultural differences and similarities


Course Topics/Modules


Review activities and introductions to the course

Reference Tools

Use of online tools in French

Qui sommes nous?

Personal Descriptions

Les Loisirs Culturels

Leisure Activities

La vie quotidienne

Everyday Life



5% - StartUp Assignment

45% - Assignments, Quizzes, Projects and Discussions

50% - Exams



All resources for this course are online.



$100.00 refundable deposit


Teacher Support

Students have access to the course teacher through email, phone and in-person.




Prescribed Learning Outcomes

Core French Grades 5 to 12


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