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French 11


Students in French 12 are expected to be able to engage in increasingly complex and spontaneous oral interactions and to use their French communication skills and strategies to cope in common situations, as well as in unexpected ones, such as losing passport or helping someone. Students continue to locate information from a variety of sources and to analyze and synthesize the information for presentation in oral and written forms. As students develop increasing facility with oral and written language, they are able to respond to French creative works in a variety of oral and written formats. Further understanding of Francophone culture is promoted through research, analysis and discussion of cultural perspectives, the use of cultural cues in spontaneous situations, and awareness of regional variation in French vocabulary and behaviours.


Course Topics/Modules

Reference Tools and Practice

Practice and use of online tools in French

Getting Started/Descriptions

Personal Introductions

Au jour le jour/Vive la nature

Outside and Daily Life

La vie quotidienne/Bon Voyage

Travel and Culture

Soyons utiles



5% - StartUp Assignment

45% - Assignments, Quizzes, Projects and Discussions

50% - Exams



All resources for this course are online.



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Teacher Support

Students have access to the course teacher through email, phone and in-person.?




Prescribed Learning Outcomes

Core French Grades 5 to 12


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