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French 8


French 9 is the continuation of the beginner’s level of International Standard French. Some French to be explored will be Quebecois. Students will be able to communicate, read, write and hear while giving opinions on a personal level on film and music and be able to involve themselves in special occasions or giving special advice to friends. They will be able to have exchanges as shoppers and discuss tasks at home or for the environment.  French 9 is the prerequisite to French 10.


Course Topics

1.    French Music and Instruments

2.    How to Interview  

3.    Film/TV Descriptions and story- telling  

4.    Special Occasions; Manners and preparation

5.    Friendship and Giving Advice  

6.    Shopping; budgeting  

7.    Correspondence

8.    Using the past tense

9.    Family

10. Housekeeping chores 

11. Environment: Habits and Feelings 


16 Module Package Send-In Assignments worth 60 % of the course.

Tests: 4 module tests done at VLN worth 40 % of the course.



Text: Entre Amis 2


Listening CD

Intro and Partner CD

Helene CD

2 DVD’s: Pour Tout Dire #3 and #4



Teacher Support

Students have access to the course teacher through email, phone and in-person.




Prescribed Learning Outcomes

The long list can be viewed on the BC Ministry of Education website under Core French Curriculum Secondary level.


Once you are in the active course you will be able to see who your teacher is by going to the Class list tab and then clicking on Teacher.


Completion Date

Go to our school website and click on Students and then the Enroll tab to see the exact dates of each Session offered at the VLN.