Course: Gender and Equality Studies 12


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Gender and Equality Studies is an elective course which allows students the opportunity to explore, analyze, critique, and discuss issues surrounding gender, race, and identity. This course is going to cover topics such as gender equality, LGBT rights, racism, and the list goes on. We will also be exploring relationships, health issues such as anorexia and media stereotypes with regards to gender. We will be discussing current issues regard equality and students will be encouraged to participate in online discussions for the course.

Course Topics/Modules

Module 1- Terminology & History of Equality

Module 2- Law-What Are YOUR Rights?

Online Quiz

Module 3- Gender and the Media

Module 4- Gender and Health

Module 5- Relationships

Module 6- Current Issues

Module 7-Final Course Assignment


StartUp Assignment 5%

Discussions 5%

Online Quiz 10%

Final Course Presentation 30%


*No tests are provided for this course*




All course readings, videos etc. are viewed online.



Teacher Support

Students have access to the course teacher through email, phone and in-person.? Teachers work Monday through Friday.



Prescribed Learning Outcomes

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