Course: Introductory Spanish 11


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Introductory Spanish is a course designed for those students who have not taken instruction in Spanish as a second language prior to grade11 and who may wish to take Spanish 11 and/or 12. This course provides an introduction to Spanish and will help to build basic skills, both spoken and written. Hispanic culture is woven throughout and there is an opportunity to read adapted or simple Spanish literature.


Course Topics/Modules

Mod. 1 Basic forms and structures

Mod. 2 Pronouns,Imperfect and Future

Mod. 3- Numbers, Preterite Subjunctive



5% - StartUp Assignment

55% - 18 module Assignments

40% - 3 module exams



Ministry of Education 4 CD set and study book package (3 books)



$ 25


Teacher Support

Students have access to the course teacher through email, phone and in-person.




Prescribed Learning Outcomes

Spanish 5 to 12 Learning Outcomes



Once you are in the active course you will be able to see who your teacher is by going to the Classlist tab and then clicking on Teacher.


Completion Date

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