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Mandarin 11 is designed for students who have previous experience in Mandarin or who are learning Mandarin as a second language. The curriculum aims to enable students to speak and understand the language, but gradually become fluent in reading and writing Chinese characters. Students are expected to be familiar with the Hanyu Pinyin Romanization system and will learn how to type Chinese characters using Pinyin system. There is no textbook required for this course as all of the course materials are online.

Course Topics/Modules

Read this before you start:

  • You must read the section before you start each module and work on the assignments. The course related information and useful resources will help you understand and complete the course successfully.


Module 1: My Body 

  • Module 1 contains 2 lessons regarding different body parts.


Module 2: Illness

  • Module 2 contains 2 lessons regarding seeing a doctor, writing a sick leave note, and so on.


Module 3: Money and Food

  • Module 3 contains 4 lessons that talk about topics regarding money and different kinds of food.


Module 4: Health and Nutrition

  • Module 4 contains 2 lessons that talk about health and nutrition.


Module 5: Shopping

  • Module 5 contains 4 lessons regarding shopping in a store, bargaining, and everyday articles.


Module 6: Visiting Friends

  • Module 6 contains 2 lessons that talk about visiting a friend’s new place and asking for a direction.



The Mandarin 11 course is graded as follows:

  • StartUp Assignment                                     5%
  • Assignments, project and oral presentation 25%
  • Participation (online discussions)                         5%
  • Online Quizzes                                       15%
  • Midterm                                                         20%
  • Final Exam                                                     30%


'Chinese Made Easy Book 3' and online materials.





Teacher Support

Students have access to the course teacher through email, phone and in-person.




Prescribed Learning Outcomes 


Once you are in the active course you will be able to see who your teacher is by going to the Classlist tab and then clicking on Teacher.


Completion Date

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