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PE 9


Physical Education helps students to enhance their quality of life through Active Living, Movement, and Personal and Social Responsibility. Active Living provides students with opportunities to make appropriate choices and set personal goals. Movement includes physical activities in the areas of alternative-environment activities, dance, games, gymnastics, as well as individual and dual activities. In all movement categories students develop efficient and effective movement skills, and an understanding of the movement concepts and body mechanics that are necessary to develop activity-specific motor skills. Personal and Social Responsibility provides opportunities for students to acquire leadership skills and an understanding of the qualifications required to pursue careers related to physical activity.


Course Topics/Modules

Module 1 Soccer                                  

Module 2 Volleyball                             

Module 3 Tennis                                   

Module 4 Basketball                            

Module 5 Ultimate                               

Module 6 Canadian Football              

Module 7 Handball

Module 8 Rugby

Module 9 Hockey

Module 10 Lacrosse

Module 11 Dance and Leadership

Module 12 Badminton



StartUp Assignment (5%)

3 Fitness evaluations (23%)

Module Assignments (47%)

Online Discussions (5%)

Proof of Participation (5%)
Proof that you participated in 2 different activities

Final Exam (15%)



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Teacher Support

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Prescribed Learning Outcomes

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