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Science 10

Science 10


Physics 11 is a lab-oriented course to introduce students to rules that govern the world around them. This includes the basic laws of one-dimensional motion, understanding of forces such as friction and gravity, and concepts such as momentum, energy, power, and efficiency. The motion of waves and how this applies to light and sound. An introduction to geometrical optics, reflection and refraction. The course also covers modern concepts of nuclear fission and fusion, and Einsteinís theory of relativity.

Course Topics/Modules

1.    Physics Skills

2.    Kinematics

3.    Projectiles and Vectors

4.    Dynamics (Forces)

5.    Dynamics (Impulse and Momentum)

6.    Energy

7.    Waves

8.    Optics

9.    Nuclear Physics and Special Relativity


1.    Wave Motion and Optics

2.    Motion and Momentum

3.    Energy and Nuclear Physics


StartUp Assignment (5%)
4 Assignments (10%)
9 online Quizzes (15%)
Project (10%)
Midterm Exam (30%)
Final Exam (30%)

StartUp Assignment (5%)
14 Assignments Module (~35%)
3 Module Exams †(60% = 20% each)


All are online.

Modules 1 to 3

Textbook:† Fundamentals of Physics (deposit required)

Physics 11 Student Laboratory Manual (deposit required)



$150 refundable


Teacher Support

Students have access to the course teacher through email, phone and in-person.†




Prescribed Learning Outcomes

The Ministry-prescribed full curriculum for this course can be found here:


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