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Planning 10 allows students to develop the skills of long term planning and personal responsibility for their learning. Students follow a curriculum that includes elements of planning, health and personal development, and career development. Students also complete an organizer on personal financial literacy. This provides an introduction to major work that is part of their gradation program such as their Graduation Portfolio and a requirement that students participate in a minimum of 30 hours of work experience or community service.


Course Topics/Modules

Introduction to the Course: Activity A

·        Must be completed first once you’re in the active class.  It will help you understand the course.

Graduation Program

·        Graduation Requirements

Education and Careers

·        Career Cruising, Resumes and Job Shadowing


·        Healthy Decision Making and Nutrition and Fitness


·        Financial Literacy and Budgeting

Be The Change: Student Leadership in Sustainability

·        Health, Conscious Consumption, Conservation, Connection,  and Justice


The Planning 10 course is graded as follows:

·        StartUp Assignment 5%

·        Discussions 11%

·        Monthly Self-Assessments 5%

·        Assignments 79%



All resources can be found online.



Teacher Support

Students have access to the course teacher through email, phone and in-person. 




Prescribed Learning Outcomes

Please see the course IRPs available at:


Once you are in the active course you will be able to see who your teacher is by going to the Classlist tab and then clicking on Teacher.


Completion Date

Go to our school website and click on Students and then the Enrol tab to see the exact dates of each Session offered at the VLN.