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The curriculum for Science 8 to 10 is grouped under four general topics.

Processes of Science include skill such as observing, classifying, predicting, inferring, and hypothesizing. Scientific reasoning, critical thinking, and decision making are also part of that foundation. These will mostly be developed as part of work related to the other curriculum organizers (e.g., understanding how microscopes work and learning how to use them will occur in relation to the study of optics and the study of life science topics such as cells and micro-organisms).

Life Sciences embraces a range of biology topics, moving from the microscopic level (the study of cellular processes and how these relate to tissues, organ systems in organisms, and reproduction) to the macroscopic level (the study of ecological complexity and the diversity, continuity, interactions, and balance among organisms and their environments).

Physical Sciences at the 8 to 10 level incorporates a series of topics that give students a foundation for understanding Physics (via a focus on optics, fluids, electricity, and motion) and Chemistry (via a focus on atoms, elements, and chemical reactions).

Earth and Space Science is a complement to the study of topics in other areas of science (especially Physical Science), and gives students an opportunity to examine some of the macroscopic applications of scientific principles and technologies in the study of terrestrial and extra-terrestrial systems.

Course Topics/Modules

1.    Sustaining Earth’s Ecosystems

2.    Chemical Reactions and Radioactivity

3.    Motion

4.    Energy Transfer in Natural Systems



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