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Social Studies 9


Social Studies 10 focuses on Canadian history from 1815 to 1914 (pre-World War I). Students will study the evolution of responsible government, Confederation, changing relationships of Aboriginal peoples and development of the West. This will include the impact of geographical factors, immigration, changing roles of women and families on the development of Canada. Topics include Canada's economic activities, Canadian regional geography, resource and environmental management, global and Pacific Rim trade.

Course Topics/Modules

Module 1 Colonies in the Wilderness

(2 Assignments)


Module 2 Building a Nation

(3 Assignments)


Module 3 Geography

(2  Assignments)


Module 4 The Northwest to 1870

(1  Assignment)


Module 5 The Prairies, 1870-1896

(2  Assignment)


Module 6 British Columbia to 1876

(1  Assignment)


Module 7 Modern Canada

(2  Assignments)


Module 8 Economy of British Columbia

(2  Assignments)


Module 9 Canadian Economy

(3  Assignments)


Module 10 Elections BC

(2  Assignments)


StartUp - 5%
Assignments - 40%
Discussions - 5%
Test - 50%


Information is on-line.

Optional Textbooks: Horizons, Canada Moves West.


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Prescribed Learning Outcomes

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