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Social Studies 7


Social Studies 8 studies the development and decline of civilizations from A.D. 500-1600. This includes medieval and Renaissance societies, their daily life and belief systems, and how the culture communicates it values and adapts to change. Students will look at the evolution of legal and governmental systems and how early economic systems were impacted by trade, commerce, science and technology. Also they will see how these cultures relate to world geography, population distribution and resource use.

Course Topics/Modules

Module 1 The Middle Ages

(8 Assignments)


Module 2  The Middle East

 (4  Assignments)


Module 3 India

 (4  Assignments)


Module 4 China

(3  Assignments)


Module 5 The European Renaissance

(2  Assignment)


StartUp - 5%
Assignments - 55%
Discussions - 10%
Test - 30%


Information is on-line.

Optional Textbooks: Pathways, Civilizations through Times and Canadian Oxford Atlas 7th Edition


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Prescribed Learning Outcomes

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