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Spanish 11


Students who take Spanish 12 are expected to use Spanish to interact with a degree of spontaneity as well as to engage in increasingly complex interactions with growing fluency and accuracy. As language skills increase, students obtain information from an increasing variety of sources, use the information to accomplish a range of task and report on their findings. Responses to an ever widening range of creative works are made with increasing facility in oral and written language. Spanish is used to discuss and to write about Hispanic cultural and societal issues, showing awareness and sensitivity.


Course Topics/Modules

Module 1

Commands, Subjunctive and Tener (to have) expressions


Module 2

Subjunctive cont…,expressions of doubt/certainty, Pronouns


Module 3

Subjunctive, Future Tenses, Imperfect


Module 4

Literary Study, Conditionals, Personal hopes and dreams



5% - StartUp Assignment

55% - 16 module Assignments

40% - 4 module exams



Spanish for Mastery 2 (Textbook)

Stories from Lecturas Basicas: Literary Reader

Grammar Key

Spanish 12 CD (Set of 4)



$ 140


Teacher Support

Students have access to the course teacher through email, phone and in-person. 




Prescribed Learning Outcomes

Spanish 5 to 12 Learning Outcomes



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Completion Date

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