This page is a way for us to communicate with parents of VLN. Tips and useful information will be updated.
VLN Parents
VLN Students and Parents - Speak Up!
You are invited to tell the Ministry of Education what you think of their new plans for BC education. Go to and you can find out what the government has in mind (click on "The Plan"). You are encouraged to leave your thoughts, comments and suggestions on their website (Click on "Engage").

The BC Ed Plan will impact students in school now as well as in the future. Please take a few minutes to speak up and have your say! You can make a difference.

Secondary Parents
For secondary students, your role breaks down into the following main areas:
  • The top priority: get the kids out of bed at a regular time!
  • Set-up long-term goals and weekly goals. Every week, you should schedule a review for new goals to be set up. These goals should include time for "active living activities as well as time to socialize with friends.
  • Keep the school schedule somewhere visible: we suggest "on the fridge, with a magnet, or posted by the computer".
  • Plan outings, sport, chores and study time: write these down on the board as part of the weekly goal. Insist on keeping a daily timetable. If the teenager is getting behind in a subject, outings may need to be postponed.
  • If a course has deadlines, we encourage parents to keep track of them, and any other milestones in the course. Each online module includes an overview: print a copy, if you can, and keep it handy!
  • Try to provide a well-lit room, a place to study away from the television and general goings-on at home. There needs to be time for computer use and a place to keep school books organized.
  • Ask your child about their progress. Be aware of what is happening with each of their courses. Ask to see their online classrooms, take the tour at our Desire2Learn Virtual Tour, and be aware of the different sections that allow for teacher/student interaction, such as Course Home, Content, Links, Discussions, Dropbox (for uploading assignments), Grades, Quizzes, and Class list.

If the student in your household is getting behind, please make an appointment with their course teacher or VLN counsellor right away! If you are concerned about their progress, then it's never too early to call! Just let us know if you need a meeting.  We would be glad to see you.

Parent Advisory Committee

If you would like to join our Parent Advisory Council, or are simply looking for a place to talk to other parents, then let us know! We'd like to hear from you! If you have anything wise and witty to share, please do. We'll be happy to attribute the material to you on our web site.

Please contact the VLN Principal to connect with the PAC.